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Exchange policy
If you are not satisfied with the order you received, you can exchange it within one week. No refund.
Pay On Delivery
You can pay in cash (LBP or USD) If you are paying in LBP the rate will be calculated by the delivery guy on the day of the delivery.
Express Delivery
we offer a very fast delivery solution collaborating with Top Speed Delivery company. You will receive your order within two working days. We deliver all over Lebanon.
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About us

Hi there ! I am the founder of Watch Me Lebanon
Wearing a watch isn't just to show thats you are a fashion person, but you are also a responsible and organized person. It also makes you appear reliable and marks you off, as one who values his time and money. Casio watches, are built to be extremely tough, robust, durable and fashionable at the same time. Since I started this business in 2020, my aim was always to offer a high quality products for affordable prices and by providing the best customer service in order to satisfy the clients. M.R


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